Every single day we always do the activity and meet a lot of people who have different characters. Sometimes we find someone who is very friendly, but we can meet with someone who is very unkind. That circumtance makes us up and down, but that’s life!

Every breath we always given many chances to be productive and creative, but sometimes we only waste our times for nothing. Sit for hours and write our crazy words on our fb’s wall. Many opportunities that we can get, then I just want to say “The policy is yours, guys!”

Every time we face the challenges and try to survive on stormy seas, but sometimes we act as a weaker. We say that we will give our best, but it is just a word. Easy to give up and surrender. Why do make the challenge as a problem? Why don’t you think that it is time for you to show your skill? Are you lazy? Are you weak? Answer it, guys!

Every moment we blame each other when there is something that is misunderstanding. We don’t try to mirror our self. It’s hard for us to apologize. I just wanna sing a song “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”. Don’t you remember that we are siblings. We need each other. Don’t be so egoist, guys!

Here, I don’t think that I am the best but I just wanna share that God always gives us everything every times, but why we never say thanks to Him. Don’t be selfish because this personality is only for God. Every single day, Every breath, Every time, and every moment we can use our brain, we can see the sun, we can breath easy. So, please think it over guys! Do you know how valuable your life is?


About fiyati

Saya adalah seorang anak perempuan yang lahir di Samarinda dan menempuh kehidupan sebagaimana biasanya, namun yang membuat saya berbeda ialah motto hidup saya yang takkan bisa dirubah oleh keadaan apapun jua. "Impossible is Nothing"

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