The first applicant,
I still remember when I got one applicant and he would be interviewed. He looked so calm and no doubt with this interview. He sat on the chair confidently and started to introduce him self. He talked about how good he is. I asked him about his family and he was silent for a while. He took deep breathe and told me about his family. Yup, Sad story had been told to me. Next, He was strong willed to get this position and I thought he was over confident. I gave him many questions and he looked tired in my long discussion. Every answer needed to have clear explanation. I just held my smile to him when He was stuck with my question and had no idea to say. Finally, I brought him down. He gave up. I said to him to wait our call in the next day. Before leaving my room, I told him “Good Luck”.

The second applicant,
Actually this guy had ever been called to be interviewed but he didn’t come. He came and brought his CV and application letter again. When my secretary informed about this man, I asked her to let him in. I hadn’t said something, he said sorry to me. Hahaha, he was not confident to be interviewed, but he was here. I asked about his availability and he seemed not sure. Oh, I got you! Really I felt hectic if there’s someone who comes without any preparation before coming to the interview. In that time, I was the active one, I felt like talking to my self. I asked him what would you do here? He replied me with smile only. I couldn’t bear it and said to him just waiting for our information in 3 days. Before leaving my room, He said sorry for the second time. I only said “Yes”.

The third applicant,
Well I don’t know if he is our applicant. hahaha. He came and filled the application form. He brought CV and Application letter. When I asked him what did you want to be. He was so confused what he want. Gedubrakkkk….!! I just said to him, “Please read our job adv and come back later”. Before leaving my office, he looked confused and kept silent and I said “Good bye”.


So, Well prepare is a good preparation before you get the interview. There are 3 kinds of applicant that i mentioned here. Be professional by understanding what you want.


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