Hey you there…I have some short stories and it’s easy to read, especially for beginner.  Not only short story that I bring to you, but some tips to improve your reading comprehension. So, Have a nice read!!!

A Fast Driver

Brian has a fast car. He drives his car fast. He never gets a ticket. His car is too fast for the police. They chase him, but they can’t catch him. Brian always escapes from the police. The police want to catch him. But their cars are too slow. Brian’s car is very fast. He likes to drive over 100 mph. When he sees the police, he waves to the police. The police turn on their sirens. They turn on their red lights. They chase after Brian. Brian speeds up. He passes all the other cars on the road. He escapes from the police.


A Funny Story

Barbara likes funny stories. She likes to hear funny stories. She likes to tell funny stories. She told her mom a funny story. When she finished, she waited for her mom to laugh. “Mom, why aren’t you laughing? That was a funny story,” Barbara said. “Oh, I’m sorry,” her mom said. “Sometimes you think something is funny, but someone else thinks it isn’t funny.” So, Barbara’s mom did not laugh at Barbara’s story. Barbara told the same story to her younger sister. Her younger sister laughed at the story.



Billy always listens to his mother. He always does what she says. If his mother says, “Brush your teeth,” Billy brushes his teeth. If his mother says, “Go to bed,” Billy goes to bed. Billy is a very good boy. A good boy listens to his mother. His mother doesn’t have to ask him again. She asks him to do something one time, and she doesn’t ask again. Billy is a good boy. He does what his mother asks the first time. She doesn’t have to ask again. She tells Billy, “You are my best child.” Of course Billy is her best child. Billy is her only child.


A Happy Cat

Bruce picked up the cat. The cat meowed. The cat didn’t like most people. The cat liked to be alone. It liked to sleep on the sofa. It liked to sleep in the fruit bowl. It liked to sleep on top of the TV. It liked to chase bugs in the front yard. It liked to chase lizards in the back yard. It liked to chase flies in the kitchen. Bruce put the cat on the floor. He rubbed the cat’s stomach. The cat liked that. The cat licked his hand. Bruce rubbed the cat’s stomach some more. The cat meowed. The cat was happy.


A Long Life

Nancy wants to live a long time. She wants to live for one hundred years. She is five years old now. She wants to live 95 more years. Then she will be 100. Her father is 30 years old. He wants to live a long time, too. He wants to live for one hundred years. He wants to live for 70 more years. “Daddy, we will grow old together, okay?” Nancy said to her father. “Yes, honey, we will grow old together,” he said to Nancy. Then Nancy smiled. She gave her daddy a big hug.


Barking Dog

Bobby woke up because he heard a dog. He heard a dog barking outside his window. Bobby woke up when he heard the dog barking. Bobby got out of bed. He got out of bed and walked to the window. He looked out the window. He saw a big brown dog. It was barking very loud. Bobby opened his window. He looked at the barking dog. “Why are you barking so loud?” he asked the dog. The dog looked at Bobby. Then it stopped barking.


These are tips to improve your reading comprehension:

1. Improve Reading Comprehension With Pre-Reading Tasks

Before reading the text, ask yourself what you already know about its topic. Try to recall as much information as you can. Think of related ideas you’ve learned in the past. Make brief notes about your thoughts or discuss what you remember with others.

2. Improve Your Reading Comprehension by Researching the Topic

Background information may appear on book covers and inner flaps of book jackets. Many books include an introductory section and a mini-biography about the author. Book publisher’s websites may also include background information. Think about the information you read. Ask:

  • What kind of text is this?
  • What new information did I learn, and what do I expect to learn?
  • Is this text informative or entertaining, fact or fiction?
  • What interests me about this book?

3. Learn New Vocabulary Words to Improve Reading Comprehension

As you read, make a list of unfamiliar vocabulary words. Look up the meanings of the words in the dictionary, and jot definitions down by hand. Writing definitions by hand will help you remember the definition much more than by typing or by reading alone.

4. Improve Your Understanding by Reflecting on the Material and Asking Questions

As you read, what questions come to mind? Read on to find the answers. You can think about the questions and answers or jot them down on paper. Research indicates that writing notes by hand can increase comprehension and recall among students who are not learning disabled in writing. For those who have LDs in writing mechanics pair the writing with discussion to improve understanding and recall.

5. Test Yourself to Determine How Well You’ve Learned the Material

After your reading session, quiz yourself on the main points. What was the main idea? Who are the characters in the story? What information did you learn? Jot down your thoughts in your own words to help you remember them and give you deeper insight into the topic. If expressive writing is difficult for you, jot shorter notes and discuss the reading with a friend or parent.

About fiyati

Saya adalah seorang anak perempuan yang lahir di Samarinda dan menempuh kehidupan sebagaimana biasanya, namun yang membuat saya berbeda ialah motto hidup saya yang takkan bisa dirubah oleh keadaan apapun jua. "Impossible is Nothing"

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