By Fiyati Utami

Today, I feel shock…When I met a little boy and he talked like a mature man. He came to me and spoke politely. As I know he is a fourth grader and He’s just a kid, but he was so genius. He can absorb the lesson fast and complete the exercises perfectly. Actually, When I met a kid like that, only one question is in my head “What does her mother give to him?”. I know that he’s genius but it looks like not ordinary.

Little bit strange for me to face this little smart kid and he asks something that man’s talk. Right now, I think There are a lot of kids that have grown up fast, before their ages. The song that they listened, The Movie that they watched, and The performer that they followed.

In this case, I met a genius kid but I felt that I was not with a kid. May be yes it’s very important to make our children smart, but they must grow up normally as a kid. They have rights to feel their childhood. Falling when we learned how to ride a bike, it’s normal. There’s no kid who can run fast and talk grammatically.

Just wanna share this experience to you all about my day….thanks!


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