I gotta announce today. I prepare my motorcycle and go. During the journey, I still remember how was my feeling yesterday after I said to John that we were not okay. I decided to break with him. I knew it was so hard and I didn’t want to come back to that moment.

At the Radio Station

I am sitting on my chair and waiting for the right time to start announcing. Now is Sunday. It means that I must be the most cheerful girl on the air. I can not think clearly right now, I know something needs to be fixed. I guess it is my brain. My manager signs to me and I am on air now. I am laughing and telling a joke to all listeners. I know my program is the favorite for them. So, every song that they want I will give. My appearance is so nice, but my feeling?

After announcing

Someone comes to me and says that is very nice program. I don’t know who he is but that’s fine. He looks like a friendly guy. He asks me everything about my profile, but I am not in a right condition to talk a lot. Sorry L I decide to take a walk my self to the nearest mall.

At Bookstore

I don’t know exactly which book that I want to buy. I just want to relax my self. Suddently, there is a man who getting closer to me. He is looking at me and I know if there is someone watching me. I try to focus on my book, but I can’t. So, I look at him and try to recognize that man. He smiles and gives his hand “I am Adam” and I answer him “I am Hawa”. We are laughing. He invites me to talk. Actually, I don’t want to chat with a strange person like him, but because I have made a joke about his name. So, we are talking.

Adam    : So, what is your truly name?

Me         : Sarah. Why do you want to know me, Adam? Who are you?

Adam    : I am just a little fan of your voice.

Me         : How do you know me?

Adam    : It’s so easy. I just clicked you radio’s website and found your picture.

Me         : Okay…I am not sure that you can find me here easily. How do you find me?

Adam    : Destiny!

Me         : Destiny? (smiling)

Adam    : Alright, I must go now! We will meet again, Hawa! You don’t mind if I call you Hawa?

Me         : Whatever you like as long as it’s a girl’s name.

Adam    : Thanks for your time. See you!

Me         : See you!

At Home

Well, after walking at mall and met someone who has already known about me. I think now it’s time to watch my lovely cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. Sometimes my mother gets angry when she looks me watching this. She says that this is so childish. No, I am not! I just wanna refresh my mind. Suddenly, mom appears in front of me and asks “Are you okay?”. Ow I hate this question L . I guess she knows that I have just broken my heart. But please, don’t kill me with that words. “I am pretty well now. Don’t you see it?”.

At my Bedroom

I turn on my laptop and open a sheet to be typed, but honestly I don’t know what I want to write. I love writing, but not this time. Finally, I turn it off and listen to my music. While I am listening to the music, someone calls me with private number. Oh God, I don’t like to be disturbed when I want to be alone. I reject it and suddenly, a text comes to my mobile.

“Do you want to have dinner with us?”

Oh, This is my close friend, Michael. He is my friend since I was at elementary school. He always comes to me if I have problem and share with. I think why not. So I reply his message.

At the Cafe

There’s no one who sits on the chair. Only me. I choose one seat and order a cup of capucinno. Hour after hour. They don’t appear. I call them. I text them. No answer. Suddenly, On the stage of our cafe, Someone is singing my favorite song, If you’re not the one by Daniel Beddingfield. His voice is so amazing. I feel shock when I see the singer is………..He is my friend, Michael. Suddenly, some of my friends get closer to me and bring me a birthday cake. Whose birthday it is? It is mine!!! I can’t stop watering this night with my tears. I am so happy. This is my true smile after I wear a fake smile all day long. Thanks guys, I can’t pay it! Best friend is always beside you no matter what your condition J


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