Hi guys, I have got a good short story that I want to share. Hopefully all of you can take the advantage from this story….

Have a nice reading!!!


No, it’s impossible, no one knows about it. Who could possibly know the sketch? There are no other people that I told about the design,” thoughts crossed  Desi’s head. She couldn’t believe about what had happened. Her project is doomed, someone stole her idea. But she doesn’t have a single clue who did it.

“What? What do you mean you lost it?” Desi’s Boss, Andien,  asked curiously.      “Yes, someone has stolen my work, but…dear God…I really don’t know who did it. Hhh…” Desi sighed long enough. She‘s very shocked with the tragedy. Not to mention it’s her four months of hard work. Now, it’s gone and she hasn’t got the chance to finish it.

“Desi…do you think the person who did is our own people?” Andien asked her gently, she didn’t want to see her employee sad again. She knows that Desi is a talented young designer, her carrier is on Top, and she’s a gifted young woman.

“I….I.. don’t know?! I don’t have a clue at all,” she answered.

”Listen….there’s still a hope; you can use your old design, make a mix and match a little then you can find a new outfit. Yeah… that’s it…It’ll be a good idea, right?” Andien tried to comfort her. But the look on Desi’s face shown that her life is finished, she can’t handle it anymore.

Andien looked at her, and said: “Hey…come on girl? Listen we’re going to get your sketch back…just do what I told you before… Okay?” though Desi is not quite sure with Andien’s idea, nevertheless it’s worth trying for the exhibition is a week later. She’s not going to lose a thing anyway, and what her Boss told her was right though Desi didn’t win for the best designing, she won the price as the most talented designer.

“Hey Des, congratulations on your winning yesterday! I’m sure everyone must be proud of you?” Desi’s friend, Kerry, saluted her.

“Hey thanks… wait….what are you doing here Kerry, I thought you’re already…”

“Left…? Is that what you’re trying to say? Well, I just got back to take some of my stuff and belongings I forgot some of them here,” she replied.

Kerry hasn’t work in the same office again with Desi, she thought that she needs another challenge, she moved out to another fashion company not long before the exhibition. Kerry is a very talented young designer too, but her carrier was not as bright as Desi’s. Desi always thought it was the main reason why she moved out.

Yeah Desi knows her very well. (does she?) because Kerry has been Desi’s best friend since in college. But sometimes she found it difficult in understanding Kerry’s way of life, she’s very unique.

“Look Des… gotta go now, I’ve got work to do, Hey… call me sometimes okay? And tell me about yourself, see you around… Bye!” Desi is always amazed by her. But Desi  never realizes that Kerry’s moving was made for a reason.  One bad reason.


“I’m very pleased with your work Miss Kerry? You’re designs were fabulous, I’m sure that we’ve made the right decision for having you here in this company. You know what? We should market these clothes as soon as possible,” Randy was very pleased with her.

“No…Not this one.., I can give you others  better than this one,” Kerry showed the sketches, the one belonging to Desi’s. Yes. It’s her, Kerry stole Desi’s design.” Great… you’re work is perfect, we’re gonna be rich with this, well done Kerry, you’re a genius designer” added Randy.

Kerry was pleased, she was very happy, no one ever told her that she is a genius designer.  Finally ..She can be a famous designer.. Yes. Her dream will come true. She did it by stealing her best friend’s work (best friend? yea,…right Kerry?).But deep inside, Kerry started to fell bad, but she didn’t have a choice.


“Desi.. Desi….wait….I could explain everything… ..please…I didn’t” Kerry tried so hard to explain it to Desi, but…” she stopped.

“ You..liar..I can’t believe you did this to me? My own best friend? How could you? You stole my work Desi? It was mine! You have no rights to use it for your own good! It’s my life you stole…I never told anyone about this. How did you know?.. How…how?” Desi  started to get restless, she can’t handle her emotions anymore.

“I didn’t,…I found….I found… you’re sketch unintentionally, I just wanted to borrow  it for a while. But in the end I gave it to Randy, because I’m on my deadline. I had to do it, if not; I’m going to lose my job again. I didn’t have a choice.. I was…I was…I…hhhh.. Desi..”she sighed very long.

“Stupid.. You were stupid and selfish, you betrayed me and our friendship. I can’t believe this..? My own pall stabbed me from the back? Well Thank you very much Kerry,… great job…you’re “such a friend!” Desi dash down stairs leaving Kerry’s apartment, Desi  cried. cried and cried.

Kerry stood so long, stiff, she feel very guilty. Now she loses everything. Tomorrow is no longer become her big day, the exhibition for Desi  knows everything right now. Kerry  felt so bad, real bad.


“No.. I Think….we won’t do this. .it’s over Randy” said Kerry.

“What? What are you talking about? Kerry… I’ve put everything on this, you can’t cancel this? How will I suppose to…”Randy couldn’t finish his words..

“Randy…please listen to me… it’s not my work okay? It’s my best friend’s work. I stole the sketches from her. I did it so I can get a job from you. I lied to you, to everyone, I’m not good enough… I never will. I’m sorry Randy. I…” she cut her voice.

Randy kept quiet for a while, he was very mad. No one has ever played jokes with him like this before. This is too much.

“Well then…You’re fired Kerry…get …out!” shouted Randy harshly.

“But..Ran..”Kerry tried to explain again but…

“I said ….O-U-T!! You are no longer work here, get it? Now get lost!”


A year later, at night on Desi’s bedroom.

Desi sitting alone, reading an old letter.

“That’s it.. I’m finished Des. I ruined everything as always happen in my life. Right? I am never be able to do something good even for my own sake. My life of suffers has completed. I never find another. Randy fired me, I got lost…stupid” wrote Kerry.

You know why I did this?  I envy you so much. You’ve got everything you wanted. Friends, carrier, anything you want, just name it. But me? Look at me? I lost everything now, I even lose my only friend…You!

How may words more do I have to say, so you’ll forgive what I’ve done to you?” I know it’s impossible, but just give me one last chance. I’m very sorry Des..Very sorry. …I really do. Hopefully you’ll read this, one day…yeah.. One day. I gotta go now. I’m gonna miss you a lot.


Desi finally opened the letter. Though Kerry sent the letter a year ago, she still remembered clearly the pain of betrayal. Desi decided to cut off her contact from Kerry. But nevertheless, there was a glimpse of wishes shown on Desi’s face, wishing if she can just forget all,  Kerry’s fault, and could be with her best friend again, soon!




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Saya adalah seorang anak perempuan yang lahir di Samarinda dan menempuh kehidupan sebagaimana biasanya, namun yang membuat saya berbeda ialah motto hidup saya yang takkan bisa dirubah oleh keadaan apapun jua. "Impossible is Nothing"

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