Know Your Self!!!


I have just watched new episode from The Musical Kitchen on AXN Asia. This episode teaches me that we need to understand our selves before we try to know the other. Every body has a different way to know his or her self. Like Maddie, a beautiful character, she is trapped in her own emotional. She does a lot, but never create something. Yep, may be it’s too cruel for her, but she needs to be told.

Actually, sometimes we do a lot of activities without realizing there is no one that is produced. Do we need to focus only on one thing? Yep, slowly but sure. Create one and produce a lot or Create a lot and produce one. 🙂 The writer looks ‘Galau’ with her self.

As the writer, I love doing something where I give my all emotions there, but sometimes in the real life we can’t do it easily. Why? We are living with the others, We are socializing, we are talking, we are walking side by side. I’ve got 3 lives in my short life. what are they?

First, Family. Second, Job. Third, Organization.

Hard to do? Of course! Every decision that we take, it will make us do a sacrifice. Time, Money, Feeling, Health, and sometimes someone who we love.

So, how to make it walk side by side? by knowing your self! You know that you are not perfect, nobody’s perfect. If people call you are the best one, you have to be wise to see your weakness too. Don’t push your self too hard! Every body has the strength and the weakness, so be prepared!

Before you hope everybody will understand you, please understand your self, comprehend what you want, know your self better than everyone.

Adinda Fiya
Samarinda, October 23, 2011

Enjoy the video!!!

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