Oh my Goodness,

I was surprise when I found my little niece said a word that I never heard before,

Oh my Goodness,

When I saw a couple and they wore couple t-shirt, then I could read them, on that t-shirt was said ‘he is my love’ and ‘she is my love’.

Oh my Goodness,

I’m staying up again! Never stop playing with my blog!

Oh my Goodness,

I’m afraid when I start to close my eyes, I remember the things that I haven’t done!

Oh my Goodness,

I was so sleepy when I did my test and that was not good!

Oh my Goodness,

I have some amazing friends and I don’t keep in touch with them anymore! Ups, my bad!

Oh my Goodness,

I am so forgetful and I am still 17 😉


Oh my Goodness…

Many things that need to be fixed! Get up and let’s get it DONE……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My Goodness…!!!


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