I Cure Me


It doesn’t mean anything if you still make the same mistake and then you pray it will be deleted by a piece of your kindness.

It doesn’t change anything if you still run arround the reign of sin even there’re many angles sing a prayer for you.

I my self, do know exactly good or bad, but sometimes I pretend to be blind and forget what we’ve done.

God is very kind, but I sometimes forget that the kindness is a hard test that we face.

What we want. What we need. What we hope. We get it easily. But can we make it useful? Nope! All about prestige. All about appearance.

When I think I cant be saved anymore, and I am in the lowest point in my life.

I decide to cure my self, even no angel comes to pray for me.

I believe that…

God saves me.

Adinda Fiya.


About fiyati

Saya adalah seorang anak perempuan yang lahir di Samarinda dan menempuh kehidupan sebagaimana biasanya, namun yang membuat saya berbeda ialah motto hidup saya yang takkan bisa dirubah oleh keadaan apapun jua. "Impossible is Nothing"

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