Fasting Day #18


Day #18
Fasting day.

People are busy with their planning what to do what to buy what to cook.

They compete to take all the things they want.

I dont know whether it is what they need.

In this situation, I only have it in my imagination cos I know how hard I get and I dont want to waste it anymore.

Everything needs money but money can’t buy happiness.

Buy what the family need
Cook what the family prefer

Be wise, look around.

With your money perhaps it can help other people who need it, not only get from your zakat id fitr, once in a year.

Allah, save us.

Adinda Fiya


About fiyati

Saya adalah seorang anak perempuan yang lahir di Samarinda dan menempuh kehidupan sebagaimana biasanya, namun yang membuat saya berbeda ialah motto hidup saya yang takkan bisa dirubah oleh keadaan apapun jua. "Impossible is Nothing"

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